Mount Olivet

Catholic Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN

Mount Olivet Cemetery is Chattanooga's only Catholic Cemetery

Located 3 miles southeast of downtown Chattanooga at the foot of historic Missionary Ridge

Est. 1886


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Price List 1

Grave Space: $1500.00
Interment Fee: $1500.00
Additional Depth Fee: $750.00
Burial Rights per 1 Cremation: $350.00
Interment Fee Cremation: $475.00
Columbarium Niche: $1600.00 *space for 2 urns
Niche Inurnment Fee: $350.00
Niche Nameplate Fee: $200.00

Memorial Marker Administration Fees 1

Above Ground Fee: $175.00
Flat Double Marker Fee: $175.00
Flat Single Marker Fee: $95.00
1 Prices listed here are current as of January 1, 2016 and are subject to change at any time. Please contact the office for exact pricing details.